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Giant Himalayan Bees

Near the peaks of the Himalayan Mountains, a harsh region in which no human settlements are found, lives the world's largest honey bee, the Himalayan Cliff Bee which can grow as large as three centimeters in length. The red honey produced by these bees is unlike any honey you'd find on a supermarket shelf as


In 2015, Clift San Francisco was awarded the Good Earthkeeping Award by California Hotel & Lodging Association along with being Trip Advisor Green Leaders Bronze Level Certified. To continue striving towards being a more eco-friendly hotel, Clift also in 2015 installed 10 hives with 10,000 honeybees inside each on the roof of the hotel. Each hive

Honey Bees are social

Honey bees are social insects in the family Apidae, order Hymenoptera. The most important species to humans is Apis millifera, the honey bee. Honey bees live in colonies or bee hives. Bees have two pairs of wings and compound eyes. Beekeepers make hives for the bees out of straw.

Are the Honeybees Still Disappearing?

Beekeepers continue to grapple with historically high death rates. And now something’s up with the queens.  From almonds to cherries, dozens of food crops are partially or totally dependent on honeybee pollination. And while media attention has waned, there’s still reason to worry about the country’s smallest and most indispensable farm workers. Bee researchers first