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A Bee Well Production, LLC partners with businesses and individuals throughout the greater San Francisco area to provide Bee Sanctuaries for Honeybees. Since its inception in July 2015, more than fifty hives have been placed at seven hotels, a recycling company, residential homes, and a grocery store. More are following soon!
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With keen detail to natural tendencies of honeybees, A Bee Well Production monitors and ensures each colony is happy and thriving, with numerous safety protocols in place while educating the public about why bee sanctuaries and other pollinators are a good thing for the environment. Paramount for A Bee Well Production success starts and ends with this above phrase. Nothing else will do…  


Insuring the growth of honeybees in an organic sustainable way, A Bee Well Production, through tending to numerous healthy colonies throughout San Francisco with utmost care and integrity, is proud to state that it is now making bees, not buying bees!

Essentially, growing the honeybee population, not buying the honeybee population! For example, Beck’s Motor Lodge on Market Street will be adding 5 new hives to their rooftop near the end of May, 2016. All created from various local hotels and businesses!

And it would have never happened without the dedication of all participants to establish sanctuaries for honeybees!

So, when you’re ready, let’s expand a growing need!

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Now think about these fun facts:
Seventy percent of the world’s food supply is directly and indirectly affected by bee pollination
Bees are the only insect to produce food for man
The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Chinese used honey as a base ingredient for their medicines because of its antibacterial properties
One single worker bee will produce 1/12 of a teaspoon in its short lifetime of a month or so

Many famous landmarks have beehives

The White House, Harvard University, Whitney Museum of American Art, Kensington Palace & Notre Dame Cathedral

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Roger Garrison is the sole proprietor of A Bee Well Production and is dedicated to growing a list of SF community businesses trying to restore the honeybee population. It's easy to get started by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. Questions from hobbyists and all others are fully welcomed and greatly encouraged!

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In 2015, Honeybees contributed over 15 billion dollars to the U.S. economy

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Our Bee Blog highlights the activities of A Bee Well Production and also news about Bees around the world.

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In Bee Season, when ready, 5 Frame Nuc Hives are available for purchase and pickup in the surrounding areas of San Francisco.

Please use the form above to email requests. Quality is assured and guaranteed from great producers of honey!

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